“Slowly” – {21}

That atmosphere faded. That shield around in that big valley disappeared and everything has started to move, and, also the buzz of the village was increased, and also the magic disappeared. Profoundly, we looked at us, we got understood that we had to  return from where we came. Me, in that house, out of the borderline of the village, and you in that inn. 
The dancing souls, had have to retrace their lives across us, and this has been their very first step to close their circle for then, enter definitely in our lives, and return in the modern day.
We have tighted our hands and in front one another, we dived us in our glances. Softly you taken my hand and you have place it to your chest. In your eyes, i could see all your sense of loss and it made me feel empty, but it was a thing that it had must be done.
Each one of us, has helped, the other, to dress again. 
The touches were so gentle, delicate and soft.
While i was helping to put your shirt, i was looking at you and i was sighing you, touching your chest. And you was delicate to fasten me the white cotton shirt.
When the last, snare of my blouse, was set up, we remained for a long instant, to stare us, without say nothing. You held my hips, and my eyes got wet and a little tear has fallen from my face.
“Don’t cry” you has whispered, drying my face, closing your hand, as if you wanted to keep that teardrop as the most precious thing. Your voice was breaking in the throat, and the end, even, in your face, one tiny tear has fallen. The tear got wet your neo so, delicately i’ve dried it, and right after something of wonderfully magical, has happened. 
A tiny soft light has surrounded our hands, and it entered amongst the fingers, and our tears were themselves transformated in little crystals of the colors of our eyes. We were remained breathless, and now the soft breeze between the leafs of the trees, it seemed saying us:”These tiny crystals will proctect you. You can return here whenever you want, and it will be like the first time. You has enchanted this place with your deep love.”
Stunned, we looked at us. And with a big sigh, you have said:”It’s time to go…”
From far, voices of persons, was looking for me.
Slowly, we have left that enchanted place, and we entered in that little alley, and there we stopped us, still one more time, and delicately, you have lay me on the wall of the building that skirted that dark alley, and for a last time, that night, we stared us for a moment that it seemed lasts an eternity, and delicately, our lips were lay one another, while your hands were tightening me the hips to you.
That kiss was also the last one of the dancing souls. 
We entered in the village, but none seemed had noticed us, while some voices in distance, were calling me. I had recognized the voices of the two women. 
Without realizing, we were still protected by our tears, became crystal.
We were invisible to anybody in the village. 
Only when we arrived to the fence of the borderline of the village, after to stared us, still once again, and only after have tear away the hands one from another, the magic shield faded, and for a last time, that night, we had shared a sweet glance. 
You remained there, next to the fence, till i was enter in that house.
Slowly i closed the door and our hearts, for two beats has resounded in whole village.”


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