You arrive and you start to look at me with your wonderful eyes. I can feel your arms envelop me and i feel your sweet a deep voice and my tangle in the stomach get bigger and bigger, while you  tight always more my belly. You place yourself behind me and you start to read every word i write here in this open diary, while your breathe wrapping me and i close the eyes while i biting the lips, while i feel your hands caressing my body and they stop themselves on my hips.
You spin me and our eyes dive one in another and you whisper me:”Tonight has been wonderful” and i reply you: “Tonight you was everywhere, next to me… inside me….” and when i exploded i was feeling your passion, despite you was far. 
Now your arms are tightening me strong against your chest, i still can feel your desire….to leans your lips on my mouth. I will wait for you, still tonight…. 
With  me, in Our Parallel World, each our dreams come true…




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