“Everything” – {20}

00115_fondigranaSeemed going back to the normality, but around us it was like there was been magical shield that it protected us, but this we didn’t have noticed, till we looked at eachother and we had whispered our names for the umpteenth time, and our glances given us the certanty that we weren’t in a dream. Our names were became our enchantments, and all around us, was remained so, in that exact moment, in which, you have looked at me: everything frozen and the only things we could hear, were our hearts beating strong.
You had still my face in your hands, next to you lips and occassionally we given us little and soft kisses
Now, we were seeing to the union of the dancing souls, but also, to our and everything arounded us, has became so unreal. A soft wind was making move the leafs of the trees around us and a light sound sorrounding all that atmosphere and the moon with her pale light, was the only witness of this little magic.
Slowly from our bodies we came out two soft and light smokes and they has started their slow dance.
We were seeing the real union of that dancing souls, and slowly they has taken the flight, but we had know, they didn’t have would left us. Now, they were became soft light clouds that chasing one with another, and in their chase, they were making love.
We seeing them, but in someways, we wanted only looking at us.
Sweetly, our glances met once again and in a whisper, you asked me:”How are you?”
I had the heart in the throat, but to hear your voice, your deep voice it’s been like another enchament. Our electric shocks has started to make feel us united. I didn’t have still anwsered you, but maybe you had no need to hear my reply: you knew it.
You have enveloped me in your arms always mor tight. But delicately, i broke away from you.
I wanted to see your sweet face, your eyes into mine, i wanted to hear again your voice, and sweetly i taken your hands and delicately i said you: “Let’s go there” and i have indicated a tree.  Hand in hands, wrapped in our breathes, we went under that tree, and as knight with her princess, you have helped me to lay on the meadow, then you sat next to me.
Everything around us, was standing, but from far we could hear the village had taken to live again. But now, of the rest of the world, we didn’t care
For us, the whole world, was under that tree, and everything which made it go forward, was the beat of our hearts.
Delicately we had smiled to the dancing souls who were still in the air, making their slow dance. Right after i stared you and without add nothing, slowly i putted myself above you, and gently you have held my hips, and we started to kiss us once again, sighing, occassionally, our names.
I held your face in my hands, and for long time i dived myself in your eyes and softly, i’ve reach to caress your little neo. Our lips met and without any effort, you have laid me on the meadow, and now you was above me and you was rubbing your body against mine.
Slowly and easily, i have taken your off  pants, while you was lifting my black cotton skirt and then you have unbuttoned my white linen shirt.
Finally, naked, you have whispered:”How much you are beautiful…” and sweetly you have given me many kisses on over my shaking little body, and your hands made me enlarge the legs, and with all delicatness you have penetrated me, and you have started to play with your hips, while i started to moan, without take off my glance from you.
Slowly, i’ve slided my hand inside you half unbuttoned shirt, and even i taken you off that unnecessary piece of cloth. Our fingers crossed, one in another, while we were about to reach the maximum of pleasure and our lips were touching delicately, when suddenly we had realized that in our last moans, the dancing souls, under the form of the soft and light smoke, were entered in us.”


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