You are watching me

And slowly you coming and delicately you starting to envelop me in your embrace, and i close the eyes. I feel your arms around my belly and you sweetly you turn me and our glances meet. 
You smile me and your breathe sorrounding me, and i throw away the air from the lungs. Your arms so gentle, delicately make approaching me against your chest and your fingers are touching my face and your whispers are flying in the air. You sigh my name, and i dive in your eyes, where i can see your wonderful soul. 
I can’t hear your words, but my soul can decipher them, and they strangling me inside. I can’t hold back my emotions. My eyes get wet.
I feel your arms on my hips and i touch your face, i arrive till your neo, and you let me do it.
Slowly you approach yourself always more to me, ad delicately your lips leans on my mouth. 
We break away us. We looking at eachother and at the same time, we sigh, and softly we caress our faces. 
Our connecction is, also this.



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