“I knew” -{19}

In someways, you was looking at toward that house, where that woman had brought me inside.
In that tavern our flows, were merged themselves, and in someway our flows were still in the air.
That day, i locked myself  in my dark room, and i didn’t have wanted see, not even, Katherine, who placed a dish with a piece of bread, in front of my door, whispering:”…My dear, you should eat something…” and then she went downstair.
Me, i was in that dark and narrow room, and by now, everything it was making me feel uncomfortable. I was on the edge of the bed, thinking to nothing and everything and the everything was you. 
The soft breeze was making move the leafs of the big tree in front of my room and i stared them. I wanted escape from that cage. I wanted to return to you, and that day seemed got understood it. Fast, the sun went down for make go up the moon. I couldn’t stay one minute more, in that room that it was chocking me from inside. I threw away the air from the lungs, and i decided to face up to Therese and Katerine, even if i didn’t knew what i would have say them. Maybe, the words, would be came out from the dancing soul. 
Slowly i opened the door and i knew that Therese and Katherine was waiting for that moment, and i knew that i would have meet them in the kitchen, each one sat in their chair, in front of the fireplace on. I had much to say, i had much to explain, but when i entered in the big kitchen, everything froze, also the flames in the fireplace. The only thing i could hear, was my heart that it was beating like a hammer. Even the two women, with their glances on me, were been frozen. Could i do this? To stop the time? I remained staring the two women for a minute, and my little voice inside said me:”Run! Run as soon faster as possible!” 
Slowly i walked backwards till to reached the door, then i started to run till to reach the village, but i didn’t entered inside, i acrossed a little alley and i found myself in a big valley.
I was sure that has been the dancing soul to bring me there and i was sure that all that magics around me, was done by her, and i was only her medium.
 I fallen on the meadow, and i looked at me around. It was so peaceful and the moon was the only thing that was illuminating that valley.
Inside me, i have started to whisper several time, your name, then slowly i started to whisper it aloud, like an enchantement, and everything around became as in the witch house, and the only sound that it could hear, it was my voice in all that valley that slowly was spreading, even, in all the paralyzed village.
You was lay on the bed with the closed eyes. When that sound arrived inside the room, it has been  like a soft light smoke and it enveloped you and right after you have open eyes and you got up. 
That soft light smoke has wrapped you always more and you have sighed my name. 
While you went to the window, you have realized that something strange was happening. 
The whole village was itself stopped, and everything around you, was became surreal, and you wanted only, to follow that recall. 
Slowly, you went down and you have noticed that, even Joe, wasn’t sleep, but he frozed himself, while he was about to drink something from a cup. You came out in street and you has started to follow that sound, that slowly have recognized in my voice and you have started to call me.
Our names were resounding in that paralyzed village.
When you have acrossed that little alley and when you have found yourself in front of me, you stopped for a second speechless and then you ran to me and you taken my face in your hands, and we kissed us passionately. “Daria….” – “Luke…”
And slowly everything has started to move.”


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“Everything” – {20}⇒

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