“You was looking” {18}

At me, who was going away, pulled away from the arm, from Therese. 
In your glance, it could see your desire to chase me and take me away from those arms, that were pulling me far away from you.
You putted in middle of Main Street, even with the danger to be invested, but you wanted see me till i was entered in that house. Your eyes staring me till the house door, was closed, and then you have whispered my name, with the hope i could hear it.
You didn’t have realized that, without made himself noticed, the old man was close to you and sweetly, he has gave you a pat on your shoulder, for fear you had jolt. At the end you turned your face toward him, and in a whisper:”They don’t know it…. she’s, my Daria, she’s my princess…” and you have continued to look at the door, by now closed. The old man was next to you, looking at you, looking for to get the sense of your words, while even him, was looking at the same direction of your glance.
You was about give up, but immediately, you have realized that you had still the acorn, in your hand. Slowly you have opened it, and you have started to stared it again. The old man, looked at it, and some words flew in the air:”Strenght that it lasts over time…” You have corrected him and you have whispered him:”Love…. that it lasts over time…” and then you have looked at the house for the last time, throwing away the air from the lungs, and you have closed the fist with the acorn inside, and slowly you turned yourself and you has started to walk toward the Joe’s Inn. 
You was walking in middle of a dusty Main Street, while several carts pulled by donkeys or horses, had  to move away to don’t invest you. Now, the walking ghost, was you.
“Hey you! Be careful!” was one of the last scream you had heard in distance in your head.
Arrived in front of the redbrick building, you stopped for a while. You looked at the acorn in your hand, then immediately after that house, as soon out of the bordeline, of the village.
You have stared it for a long moment, earlier to enter, throwing away the air from the lungs. 
From behind the counter, Joe had nod a “Hi!” but you didn’t, not even, noticed it. In reality, you hadn’t noticed nothing and nobody, since you walked to the opposite side, of the witch house.
You was invested by those emotions and tactile sensations that were wrapping you in a sweet way. 
You entered in your room and immediately you have opened the window and you have launched your glance toward the bordeline of the village, toward that house, and sweetly you have whispered:”My love, wait for me..” and then you have stared the acorn, and “Love… it lasts over time” has resounded in your head.”


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