I feel you

Coming from behind and i feel your whisper, and your hands on my belly. 
Our little connection begin always in this way, then, slowly it get bigger and bigger and our electric shocks starts to communicating eachother, and our emotions are taking us inside Our Parallel World, where everything is so magical and our emotions expanding.
You take my hand and you bring me next the lake and there you lay me on the meadow, and our eyes meet and your hands starting to caress my little body, and i let you do it, just staring your eyes. You shyly smile me and you approach yourself to me and delicately lean your lips on my mouth, but before, you whisper my name. I sigh and i looking at you, waiting for this moment.
You remain a bit to stare me and slowly you approach yourself then our lips touch sweetly. 
Our hearts are beating strong.



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