You coming

Behind me and sweetly you are envelop my belly, whisper my name. 
I close the eyes and i tight your arms around my body and i sigh. Our connection is starting here. Our minds get connect and my vise in the stomach is stronger than ever. I stare your eyes and slowly you take my hand and you place it on your chest. I feel your heart is beating strong and it beating at unison with mine. Our electric shocks are in communication, we feeling it, and we feeling our breathes are merging one with another, and your arms are tightening me always more. 
We are looking at us. Delicately you are touching my face, and your lips touching my mouth so delicately, that i think to take the flight. You are saying me something and my soul is deciphering it. I’m going crazy. I’m biting my lips while you are touching my face once again, and i’m blushing. Your hand is so sweet. I can just hold back the breathe. 
My heart is going crazy. You can feel it, you know it, and you tight me always more against your chest and our souls are merging always more.



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