“Slowly” -{17}

The people were leaving the tavern and slowly we remained alone with all our thoughts and emotions and above all with our hands one in another.
We still didn’t had say us nothing, and we hadn’t in mind to say say us nothing.
That one that we were feeling, we could feel it throught our hands well tight. Just occasionally we had shared a fleeting glance. What we were hearing inside us, it was what we had seen few minutes before. In silence, our souls, were dancing, merging one with another. It was like if those dancing souls, were making the most sweet love of their lives trorught our gentle touch. My heart was going crazy and you had the eyes closed, while with your fingers, was caressing, so gently my skin, always under the table, but sweetly you have bring them on it.
The few others people remain in the tavern, most of all of them, women, had noticed this your gesture, and they remained speechless, scared from me, but even of you. 
On that table, we had open our hearts and we had let see it to the few inhabitants of the village who were there.
We were so sorrounded by our feelings. Our biggest desire was that one to kiss us, but something inside denied it to us. We knew what it was, and we had repeat it us continously in our minds. By now, even those women, had left the tavern, and the only persons in the tavern were the owner and a guy who running across the tables, to take away the dishes and that guy was about to approach himself toward my table, but the owner has called him back, saying him:”It’s better leaving them alone.” 
Without never leave your hand, with the other, i pulled out from a little leather bag, that i had always tied at the hips, two acorns, and i putted them on the table, and in someways, i knew that you knew their meaning, and still in silence, you have looked at me, and you taken one of the acorn and you have stared it for a long moment then you have threw away the air from the lungs, then sweetly you have tighted my hand always more and i have could feel your soft skin on mine.
For now, it was our first way to communicate, beyond the dance of our souls and that touch
We were suspended amongst four lives and now, we were following only two of them. 
The tavern, by now, was empty and the only persons inside, were us, but then someone else entered in: he was the old man, who had noticed immediately the stranger at the table with the young witch, who tightening her hand. He went to the counter, where there was the owner who ccontinuing to clean always the same thing, as if he was enchanted by something innatural. The old man had understood what it was happening and, even him, has started to look at us in silence. 
In that tavern, was happening something of magical and we were the makers.
But this wonderful atmosphere was interrupted by those women who went to warn other two. They were remained a little to stare us, then one of the other women, resolute but slowly, came toward the table, and, as a broken glass, she came inside that magical aura, made of our feelings and emotions, and taken my arm and she pulled me out from that table. We, still keeping the hand one in another, and we were looking at us, with wide eyes.
That woman was Therese. 
She pulled me away from you, i was looking at you asking you:”Don’t leave me!” without say nothing, while our hands, slowly broke away one from another. While she pulled me away, you got up and you was about to chase that woman who was taking me away from you, but she said you:”Don’t make any other moves!” and you remained there pietrified, looking at me go away with Therese and Katherine. 
I sighed your name and you whispered mine, and slowly you came out from the tavern following, with the glance, where they brought me.
Beyond the bordeline of the village.”


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