Since i awoke

I feeling your closiness, here where everything has started. My head is in continuos connection with you. My tangle in my stomach is gropwing always faster, and i feel your arms around my belly. You’re looking at me with your sweet glance and our sweet whispers entering in my soul and they making me shake inside. 
In this moments you are close to me, and i can hear your voice. My heart beating strong and i know your does the same. 
With you everything, also the most complicated thing, become the most easier. I need to see your face, your sweet smile, your eyes on me and everything disappear.
Embrace me tight. I need you, to feel our electric shocks ran trought our minds, i whisper you: “Take me to Our Parallel World”, and you spin me and our eyes meet. We sighs at thje same instants an dyou approach me softly, and your lips leans on mine. 
We close the eyes and our hearts explodes.
We throw away the air from the lungs and then we stare one another.



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