Here you are

With your sweet smile, you are coming to me and sweetly you’re embracing from behind and in silence you are looking what i’m writing on this open diary dedicated exclusively to you and what you making me feel.
Your embrace is so sweet and silky and i can hear your whisper: “I knew you would have done it” and you are tightening my belly against your chest. I throwing away the air from the lungs, and i sigh:”You have given me the strenght to don’t give up.” 
My heart is beating strong and our connection is here. Our eletric shocks are in continuos communication, and i feel your arms around my belly and we take flight to Our Parallel World. 
We staring one another and our emotions are strong. You turn me and our eyes meeting and immediately, with all delicateness you approach yourself to me for give me one of the most sweet kiss you have given me.
I remain breathless. I sigh:”I love you”



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