“Also in the morning” – {16}

The tavern was crowded of the inhabitants of the village. It seemed was the meeting point of the inhabitants from which everybody would leave to their own destination. There were half village, and the noise was more deafening than evening to their return. 
You was still staring me, and without realizing, you was biting your lips, as if you had rembember the  sweet taste of my lips on your.
Some people collided you, but you didn’t moved yourself and you was still staring at me, as if you was looking the most beautiful girl of the whole world, and in someways, it was so. In a second lasted an eternity, you have relived, each little step, we had done in the modern day, till the awareness of that dreams so intimate we had done, each one in his apartaments and you have touched your hand, in rembrembrance of that one involutary touch. You had the heart in the throat, and you more looking for to swallow, more you wasn’t able to.
At the end, you entered, making yourself space, between the inhabitants, but you have wanted placed yourself, where i couldn’t see you. 
My table was leaning against the wall in opposition to the entrance, just in an angle, but well in sight.
Me, i was there, staring all that persons who came and go screaming, a bit drunk, already in the morning. I was thinking to the Runes that were came out, and now Raido and its meaning, was knocking the door of my mind. 
When you entered, i was staring the wood of that table, looking for some imperfection, like the little hole of the table of the bar of Phillip, to hid myself, because one of the blacksmith of the village, already drunk,  had provoked me asking me to make some of my magic. I didn’t give him rise to it. But more i ignoring him, more he came to me, and when he was in front of my table, i lifted the face and i stared him for a moment, but the moment immediately after, my heart stopped to beat and a tear falled from my face. From where you, was had noticed that scene and you got up, and slowly, you placed behind the red hair blacksmith. I bited my lips, as if i wanted to hold back all the emotions that i was feeling. One another tear was falling. Our eyes met for the very first time, and our souls were dancing in a spiral that, only us could see. It was a slow dance and our souls merging one with another, while our hearts were going crazy.
We were remained so for a moment that seemed had no end, but the situation couldn’t to wait, so you have gave a pat on the shoulder of that big man, and you have asked him:” Didn’t you have scared her enough? She will not make the magic that you want!”
The big man spinned toward you, and you have recognized him, as the big man who you had collided the previous day. Even him had recognized you, and he said you:” Who are you? You want really fight, isn’t?!” You looked at him and his empty eyes while he was realizing that was drunk and then he went away giving you a push. 
You assured yourself that he wouldn’t be back: he left the tavern groggy.
You remained there, giving me the shoulders, but slowly you turned yourself, and once again our eyes met. We had whispered our names, but now, those that we were living, were the lives of the dancing souls. Our hearts beating so strong that we had believed that the others people could hear them. 
You approached yourself to me and with a soft touch of hands, you have touched me and you asked me:”Are you ok? Can i sit?” i just nodded and gently you sat close to me and delicately you taken my hand, under the table. We remained so for, almost, all day. 
In that tavern, at that table, hand in hand. In silence.”


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