“Your heart” -{15}

Has started to beat strong and a sensation of chock has taken your throat and you awake in prey of something you never felt before, but in someways you knew it was bonded to me.
You sat on the edge of the bed and threw away the air from the lungs.
That light cloud with imprented my crying face, it was still hurting you inside, and you have whispered my name and slowly you went to the window and you have opened it. 
The village, was filling itself of people and it was total different scenario of which you had seen few hours ago. From ghost town, the village, was rebirth and it was full of life. 
Main Street swarmed of all human kind: men, women, childs, barking dogs, horse-drawn carriages, but your glance was only for the dark bordeline, where few hours before you have seen me, to be swallowed inside. You seemed suprised, even also, by the form  of that Witch House.
But when you have noticed me at the borderline and i was entering the village, your heart stopped immediately. For a long minute you reamined breathless. 
Now that chock sensation, was more clear: you have would seen me soon. 
You was looking at me to walk in the middle of the people, and, even if you was far, you had noticed my face: you knew i had cried. 
I was wearing a black cotton dress and had a black cape with a green satin lining inside. You was looking at me, and each one step i was making, it was a step toward you. You didn’t want take off the eyes from me, but from the other, you wanted run to me as soon fast possible. 
You was going crazy. You was enchanted even more from that girl, who was me,  who was walking in the street, while everything around me fading. It was like the very first time at the bar: when you had noticed me at the bottom of the local of Philip, something has made click and your heart stopped, and it has been so, also in that situation and everything seemed go slow. Even your heart was going slow, as each one part of your body, was paralyzed, while you was looking at me, who advancing slowly toward the tavern. 
After seen me enter in that local, you inhaled air then you threw away it and in a whisper you said: “Daria, wait for me”, hoping i could hear me.
You ran downstair, and without realizing, you came out, without shoes… that big shoes, but by now, with or without, it was the same thing. 
You was acrossing the street and you have collided with a couple of persons and you have said them “Sorry!” always running toward the tavern. 
When you arrived in front of it, you stopped on the threshold, while others person entering. 
You was looking for me. 
I sat at the table where John has brought the previuos evening and it was a bigger table than the table in the bar of Phillip, much bigger… and i was so little and that table seemed envelope me in all its grandeur. And when you have found me, you remained breathless. 
You remained there, where you was, just to stare me, while your heart seemed jumped out from your body.”


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