“Slowly the sun” – {14}

Was going up in the sky and its light was brightening all the village, and slowly all the noises of the nature awakening. 
My room was the latest to let enter the light of the new day. The big tree, with the big leafs, was the only obstacle, to make it enter. The window was still open and the only thing, that made me noticed that the sun, was arrived, has been the cold breeze of the morning that was caressing my face. 
I have opened the eyes and something, still was chocking me inside. I threw away the air from the lungs, hoping that it could pass, instead that sensation seemed increase.
Without realizing, i kept the runes in my hand for all the time i slept, and i’ve done fallen them on the floor, when i got up. I’ve stared them, for a while and they didn’t changed. They were always them: Raido, Gebo and Algiz, and more i was staring them, more their meaning, hammering my head and all my thoughts went to you. 
Downstairs, i could hear the voice of Therese, who asking to Katherine where could be the Runes, that usually were placed on the fireplace.  
In hurry, i put the Runes inside the little leather bag and i taken it and i went down. 
When i arrived in the big kitchen, with all smartness i had, i placed the little leather bag, in a dark place on the floor, as if they were fallen, without that anyboby noticed that. 
“Did you were looking for it?”  while i kneeling myself and i taken the little leather bag and i added:”I was about to fall on it…” Katherine and Therese looked at me as if they didn’t know what i was doing. Instead, they had understood. 
From what i got understand, it wasn’t the first time, that i was take the Runes for a personal reading. 
Katherine, the most accomodating, asked me with her silky voice: “My dear, tell us what they said you…please… it’s important for us…”
I knew, it was enough,  to say the names, and they have would, immediately, understood.
I held back the breathe, then in a one only dry stroke, i have said:” Raido! Gebo! Algiz!”
I didn’t waited for their reactions, and i came out from that house running, trying to hold back some tears, but i wasn’t able to. 
I stopped in the middle of the meadow with the heart in throat, as if someone was chasing me. 
By now, consciously, i knew from what it was happened in the modern day, my time was arrived to meet you (again) for the very first time.
In my slow walk, i was reaching the bordeline of the village.
I stopped myself for a while and i leaned my hands on a sort fence, that indicating  the entrance of the village, and slowly i was started to staring again all the faces of the inhabitants of the village. 
While, in house, Katherine and Therese,
remained breathless, looking at eachother, they has whispered:”He’s arrived…” and they went to the window and looked at me, who slowly i was entering in the village.”


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