“You was still” – {13}

Lay in the bed, when it returned back in your mind, last time we made love in dream. You have closed the eyes and you have rembember that sensation of my hands that slided in your shirt and my skin against your, and every kisses we given us, while the words of the old man resounding in your head. You have would set me free from that sensation that, only now, you got understand: living in that period, in that century and to be seen, as a Witch, it wasn’t easy, not even, for a white witch, who was making, all that good things for the inhabitants of that village.
We were trapped in a spiral of lives and we hadn’t to, absolutely, change anything. We had to just follow that the dancing souls emotions. We would be meet again, but now we had to live again those lives, following their traces.
You was half asleep, when your heart has started to beat strong. Like, for me, the wind that blew, even for you, seemed a voice that came from afterlife, but in that voice, you had recognized mine. In that moment, you has go to the window, and the moonlight entering in the room. You have lifted the face, and in that exact moment, a light cloud acrossed the crescent moon, and in that cloud, you have seen my face with that falling tear. You have held back the breathe and seemed, also, displaced. It was so that the dancing souls met? You that have seen  me in a cloud?
You have sigh:”Daria, don’t cry…”, and from that moment you haven’t close the eyes. You wanted wait for the sun go up. 
In, my face, you had seen, all my frustation to don’t be, just considered a normal person, like everybody, but just one to have fear of. 
The words of the old man, were resouding once again, in you head, in particular:”…even if , the inhabitants of the village doesn’t know it…” You threw away the air from the lungs, as if  that phrase was a
boulder too much big to swallow and my tear that streaked my face, a blade that was making bleeding your heart. You was feeling chocking.
That night, seemed had no end.
Main Street was empty, just  a solitary person walking in the street and each of his steps, resounding in the street and the sound of the wind, making seemed everything so spectral. 
In whole village, you and him were the only person awake, but he, seemed a walking ghost. 
He was going to the opposite direction of where you was looking at. 
You, was trying to exceed that dark bordeline, where you had seeing me going to, and you was trying to see some forms of that Witches House. 
While slowly the sun rising up to the sky, you has decide to lay yourself in the bed, trying to rest a bit, but your heart beating so strong and my tear
making it still bleeding, inside. 
“I miss you, terribly…”
You wanted run to me, as soon as possible. 



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