I awoke

From your enveloping embrace. I have felt your arms around my belly and our connection has started fast and now your closiness is arounding me. Our minds get connect in a strong way. 
In the darkness i felt you was tightening me strong against your chest and i held your arms around me. I was feeling your whispers and i called you. I spinned myself, hoping to find you by my side. 
Now, i’m writing you, and my fingers are shaking, like my soul. My heart is in the throat and i’m not able to swallow. It beating so hard, and everything around me, seems is about to explode in at anytime and if it would explode, i would be arounded by millions and millions of confetti and i would know, that they are our our emotions that are merging one in another.
When it happen, i feel shaking inside, and i know that i can say that only to you, because in some way, you feel something similiar inside you. 
I’m trembling inside…. and in someway i can’t hold back my emotions.
When i feel your closiness by my side, i have no need of nothing else. It fills my heart, my soul, and our connection is one of the most beautiful thing, it happened in my whole life.
I can only whisper you :”I love you”


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