“The darkness” – {12}

Has swallowed me, when i acrossed that bordeline between the village and the house of  Katherine and Therese, and suddenly after i was able to see the soft light of the candle placed on one of the window of the house. 
The fireplace was still on, but his flames were about to turn off, and Katherine was on a chair, waiting for me. When i entered our glances meet and  silky voice asked me:”Where did go?” and i didn’t know i replied her: “At the same place where i go each evening”  – “Ah!… to see the faces of the people…” she continued, as if  for me, was a natural thing, but for her, it was a dangerous thing. I didn’t have wait for further answers or questions from her. I just taken a look to the big room and when i found the little leather bag, with the Runes inside, without make me notice from Katherine, i  taken it and i ran upstair. 
I closed the door and i turned on the only candle i had in bedroom. 
I taken a long breathe, then i threw away the air from the lungs and i pulled out three Runes from the bag. My heart jumped in throat, when i see which Runes came out:  they were the same i seen, that night in my devoid color room, above, the bar of Philip, and their meaning hammering my head, as the very first time i seen them in that room. “Or it was the second time, that i was seeing them?” i was ask myself.
That Runes were the same: Gebo, Raido and Algiz and i knew, that they were talking about you and me. I had to open the window to let enter a bit air in that narrow room, and my thoughts ran to you and i whispered your name, turning me round toward the bed, where the three Runes were leaned. The soft noise of the wind that sweetly caressing the leafs, seemed a voice from afterlife. A blow of wind stronger, made turning off the candle, while the pale light of the moon was entering in the room. I was still leaned with the shoulders at the window, staring the Runes. I remained breatheless for a long minute. Something was chocking me inside.
Slowly i spinned myself and i’ve inhaled new air then i threw away it. In the darkness i went toward the bed and i sat down. I taken the Runes in my hands, looking for another meaning, but i knew there wasn’t It was that one: only that one, and the rune that was still spinning in my head was Gebo that symbolized the union between two souls. 
Laying in the bed, i promised me that i would return in that tavern each night till i would have find you again, till to put at risk my life. I closed the eyes, making fall a little tear from my face. 
My heart still beated strong.
“…Luke…”  were been my last word and thought for that night.”


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