I smile

Because i’m starting to feel our connection… it’s starts always at this hour, and it’s strange because it’s deep night over there, but i can feel your envelop embrace and my vise in stomach growing and our electric shocks increasing. Inside me the tangle is chocking me and everyting bring me to you. Your sweetness, your delicate voice when your whisper my name and everything around us, float. You are in front me and softly i caress your face, and you shyly smile me.
You take my hand and lean it on your lips, i hold back the breathe, your touch is so gentle. I stare you speechless. You always treated me like a princess, and each time you tight my belly our connection it making itself always stronger. 
If i close the eyes i  feel your hands and your breathe arounding me and when i open the again, we are in Our Parallel World where nobody can’t enter.
I feel your lips on my neck then sweetly, you pass, on my mouth and then, our glances meet, and sweetly we smiled us. You stare me and you touching my face. Delicately you whisper me words that only my soul, can decipher, but i can feel them and i tremble, throwing away the air from the lungs.  I dive into your eyes and you smile me, while our hearts beat at unison.


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