You didn’t leave me a moment alone. Your closiness has enveloped me from inside. Our electric shocks are light but frequent. Your embrace, your breathe, your arms around my belly and your breathe made me feel close to you. I can feel your whispers. You call my name and your shy smile make me blush.
Our Parallel World is around us, our heart beating at unison and we can feel them, despite our real distance. But our souls are touching and that’s why our closiness, our connection.
Without speaking, we are saying us what we are feeling and what we are feeling it’s something bigger than universe. 
From before, i throw away the air from the lungs, and my head is exploding and everything  i feel is your heart beating inside me and i know it’s impossibile, but it is so.
You are looking at me, i know. Everything inside me is shaking me. 
Slowly i close the eyes and i can feel your arms wrapping me. Your breathe enveloping me, i hold back the breathe till your hands take my face and our eyes meet. Your shy smile, make me going crazy. You don’t say nothing but with your glance you say me everything. In front you, i’m trembling and my heart is getting out from my body. 
Today our connection is strong and we are feel inside in a spiral and every our emotions, is turning around us and we are feel all this. We are creating new wonderful sensations.
Our connection is also this: feeling us, one close another in that strong way.
It didn’t ever happened so. 
My head is really ezploding and i feel you here close to me. Our electric shocks are in continuos communication. 
I whisper your name and i feel you doing the same with mine.


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