“That big man” {11}

Was still staring you with a threatening face, but you didn’t care: on the contrary, your face didn’t seemed scared by that glance of that man, who had to be the owner, or someone who worked there. You thrown back your back on the backrest of that rickety chair and slowly you seemed be transported in another place. Your heart has began to beat slowly, and your mind seemed travelling very far from that noisy tavern. You had still that silhouette in your mind, and in your mind you was still looking at her running toward outside the village, as one shadow of that lamps, and everything around her, was a soft cloud, and gently and kindly it make her disappear, and while she disappeared in your mind, you held back the breathe and without realizing, you have said my name aloud, while you have thrown away the air from the lungs. 
In front of you, there was still the dish with the mutton with the herbs, half eaten, but now, your hungry was faded. You have stared the dish and then you taken  the money-bag and you have left some money, making noticing that to the big man. He just nodded, and you got up and without to be chasing, you have left the tavern. 
The tavern was still crowded by the hunters and some drunk people, who, now were sleeping, with the arms crossed on the tables. It seemed an usual evening. 
You have left the tavern with the same hurry of when you have tried to chase me.
You stopped as soon the entrance of the tavern, and you threw away again the air from the lungs, looking at toward where you had seen me going to away. 
You have stared that point for a long time ad you didn’t realized that you was starting to walk toward the last house of the village, when someone, from behind, almost murmuring, has asked you: “Hey stranger… where do you would like to go? …there, is a forbidden zone, also for us inhabitants of this village…” you spinned yourself and your glance has met a old man with a hand made cane. Gently, you have asked: “What’s there?” looking at again that unknown point that it was loosing itself in the darkness. It seemed, even, to nominate it, was a bad thing, but the old man didn’t scare of it, but he approached himself to you, and in a whisper, he said you: “The witches house…”  looking at himself around, as if someone else had could heard his words. You have looked at him almost surprised, returning to look at that point in the darkness.
“I’ve seen a silhouette go to that part… you know who is?”, you  asked to the old man. He got clarified his voice and then he said:” That girl…. she is the real witch…” 
Your heart jumped in the throat, you held back the breathe. You was awaiting for that old man continue to speak, but he didn’t, so you have asked him something else about the young witch. 
He taken a long breathe and he continue: “She was abandoned in front of that house and Katherine and Therese has taken her, and just after few years, they had noticed that she had some magic powers. When the inhabitants, has realized  of that, they has putted her, always more in angle, but she, always has done the good for the village, but most of these persons doesn’t know it. She is a white witch.” You have listened to him very carefully, but now you wanted know her name, but even this time, you had to asked it to and he has whispered it in you ear: “… Daria…”
Your heart stopped, your head has started to spin, when my name entered in your body,  you was about to fall on the ground. The old man held you back. He asked you if you was ok. You nodded and have started to stare that point. Assuring himself you was ok, the old man left you, there in the middle of Main Street, looking at that house illimunated from inside by few candles. You had find me again. But now you couldn’t do nothing, just to return back at the Joe’s Inn. 
With the head that was exploding, you spinned yourself, and slowly, you acrossed almost all Main Street to back at the redbrick buiding. 
Joe was sleeping, snoring in a chair. You went in your room, laid on the bed, you  was listening to again the whole story of the old man in your head, and at the end you have sighed my name, closing the eyes.
Slowly you fallen asleep.”


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