Here it is

My head is exploding and my tangle in my stomach is tightening me, and you are here, close to me in an unusual hour, but i can’t ignore  your closiness. My soul is shaking inside, and i can feel our connection trought our electric shocks. I’m biting my lips. I can feel your whispers and slowly i can feel your arms enveloping me sweetly. Your arms saying me:”Stay with me.” 
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard and our connection is stronger than ever. 
I know you will say me something. My vise in the stomach is growing, and my head is exploding and every my thought is toward you.
You are tightening me against your chest., and your arms are enveloping my belly. I can feel your lips on my neck… I close the eyes and i sigh. 
Gently, you spinning me and our eyes meet. Your eyes into mine.. Our electric shocks are increasing always more. I think i’m going crazy. You take my hand and you let it slide inside the shirt. I can feel your heart is beating like a crazy, as mine. They are beating at unison and we throwing away the air from the lungs and our connection get bigger and bigger.
I try to think to other things, but it’s impossibile. Our connection is stronger than other thing. 
I feel your closiness, stronger
My soul, my mind, my heart are exploding and you are close to me, i feel it and you feel my tremble. 
You are holding me tight. 
I can feel your whispers. I throw away the air from the lungs. 
I can feel your sweet embrace and your whispers enter inside me.
Gently you touch my lips with your.  Softly, we are kissing us.


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