“You came out” – {10}

From the Joe’s inn and you stopped for a moment, and you taken a look around you. 
Many people were walking in the street and many horse-drawn carts were go acrossed the dry muddy street. The moon was high in the sky and the lamps were on, and their lights were creating long shadows, each time a person acrossed next them. It seemed ghosts were chasing those persons. In a first moment it seemed you a lugubre picture, but more you staring that shadows game, more you seemed affascinated.  You held back the breathe and have started to walk in the search of the tavern. You have looked at from a part and the other and at the end you have said you:”Let’s go for it!” and you have acrossed the street.
The shoes were too big for your feets, and occassionally you was about to fall. Under a canopy along the opposite sidewalk, you stopped yourself, to arrange them better, while the people were looking at you, murmuring something. You was a new face, never seen before in that village. You was the stranger. It seemed that all the eyes were set on you. You have shared some shyly smiles with some people, but they weren’t interested to smile you back. You was to continue to arrange the shoes and when you have finished, you got up, you taken a look at a big buildiung with the roof made of sorghum. You have thought:”It have to be the tavern…” And with a little smile in face, you have continued to walk.
From the tavern were coming out some meal scent and you didn’t had eat nothing since when we were fallen in that black hole to arrive in that century. You have would eat anything they have would bring to you, even without order nothing in particular.
Your gastric juices were starting to eat your stomach and it was grunting, from how much you was hungry. 
It seemed also that the tavern, was the only place where you could to eat something: it crowded of screaming and drunk people. Some were telling how’s went their hunting trip, others singing happily drunk and there were a deafening noise that covering all the rest. 
In the tavern, the predominant scent was that one of mutton.
You entered and you have had some difficulties to find a free table, and the only free was a little table in the dark that none has never occupied in all the tavern’ story. 
When, finally a big man has come to take your order, also if  there wasn’t much choise: or mutton or mutton, but for you, in that istant it was the same. 
“So, mutton with herbs”,  grunted the man and you have nodded. He went away and he left you alone at that table that it looking at a door and it giving the shoulders at the whole tavern.
Me, i was at the table dived in my thoughts and in that confusion, i didn’t really noticed you entered but something inside me, made me beat strong the heart and after a long time, our electric shocks has begin to go trought my mind. Slowly my heart stopped and i felt myself chock. I lifted my face and with the glance, i started to looking for you in all the people in that tavern, but also i had to be careful on how i look at these people. It wasn’t as in the modern day that the indefference, was the master: no, here each glance, meant something important, above all if the glance was of the witch and it could unleash something dangerous. I have had learnt it immediately when i was landed in that village. 
I was at that table alone, since John left me, and the only thought in my head was:”Will i find you again?” when that sensation has enveloped me again and my tangle in my stomach was chocking me again. Maybe i was still tired and i had to rest myself, so i thought to go back at the house of Therese and Katherine. Slowly i got up and came out from the tavern. Coming out, i whispered your name and for magic, as a soft light smoke, it has arrived to you and it enveloped you, and in that dark angle of the tavern you had a jolt. You heart stopped for a long instant. You have turned yourself and you have noticed a silhouette who was leaving the tavern. With the heart in the throat, you got up and you tried to make you space between the people who were crowding the tavern. Amongst shove, you was able to come out, but the only thing you have could to distinguish, was been that silhouette who walked away. 
Our souls touched, and you have sighed my name, til the big man has taken you and he pulled you again, inside the tavern, screaming you:” You wanted be smart, right?!”  You hadn’t tried, not even, to explain him, what was, as soon happened, and you returned at your dark little angle, at that little table, whispering again my name.”


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