Here they are

Your eyes, are piercing my soul. Slowly our connection start to envelope this room with its magic atmosphere. Delicately i’m biting my lips. I can feel your arms that are embracing me and they tightening me against your chest. Softly you spinning me and our glances are wrapping us in Our Parallel World. Delicately, our lips are touching one with another, and your breathe enter inside me. Your eyes are saying me something. I looking at you. You leave me without breathe. Shyly my finger is touching your neo, where i see all your beauty. 
Your eyes are speaking to me. You’re whispering my name, i can feel your deep voice sorrounding me all. I close the eyes, for a second but slowly, you say me to re open them, and delicately and gently you whisper me: “How much you are beautiful…” and gently your lips lean on mine.


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