“You was as soon” – {9}

Came out from the bathtub, you had enveloped your hips with a a sort of towel, that wasn’t just a big piece of an old bedsheet.
You was  feel youself rebirth. Even if it wasn’t a real bath, you taken off all the tiredness and you have taken off all the dry mud that it seemed, by now, a second skin. Everything was gone away, just your thoughts for me were remained. And now your heart was going crazy. You have whispered my name while you have opened the window of the room to let enter the air. The noises of Main Street slowly, were become a lullaby, while you was laying on the bed. You have closed the eyes sighing again my name. For a short moment you fallen asleep, but it seemed you had slepèt for days.
The moon taken place of the sun and the sky seemed free from the grey clouds and it seemed everything was getting calming itself. The sounds of the nature prevailed that evening and it seemed that the people in the street didn’t wanted disturb that magical sound that it was enveloping the little village and little by little the voices of the people, seemed  fade in the night. 
You was still in the bed with that big bedsheet that was enveloping your hips. You putted yourself on the board of the bed and you have taken the bag and you pulled out everything was inside, on the bed: the pants, the shirt a sort of socks, and the letter fallen on the floor. 
You have collected it, but you had  have fear to open. It seemed to enter in the life of another person. Break in his privacy, but all this was so crazy. Since  you had met me in the noisy bar, everything  was become madly magical, and slowly, you had know that letter, in someway, it was regarding you.
Delicately, you have opened it. The sheet paper in which was written the letter it was so thin, that also touch in bad way, it could dissolve itself in front at your eyes.
It seemed a mother’s letter who was asking to be forgiven and her last words were been:”You will find her, you will know it when you will meet her. She will have the magic inside… Love her with all your soul and your love will travel trought the centuries”
When you have finished to read it, seemed so unreal but everything was matching.
You have taken a look to those words, once again, and then you have threw away the air from the lungs, and slowly you putted away the letter inside the envelope.
Then you have looked the new dresses that you have would put on and slowly, you have started to dress you.
The white shirt reminded you that magical moment in which we had done the love in dream, but you had to shake yourself from that sensation that it was enveloping you. You havecontinued to dress you, then you have looked the shoes and you have sighed. Looking around you in the room and you have found the way to fixed them, but the next day you would looked for a shoemaker. 
In the bag there was also a moneybag, you have taken it. 
You came out from the room, but before to close the door, you have taken a look inside and you habve thought that it was just dream and you would be awaken.
You went down and you have met again Joe behind the counter. Joe knew what you have would asked him and before you had open the mouth, he grunted you:”If you are looking for something to eat, you will don’t find nothing here…. You must go in the tavern… at the opposite of this sidewalk… the big building with the roof made of sorghum…” You have thanked him with a nod and you was to left the inn, but Joe said you:”Hey wait, with those shoes, you will don’t go nowhere…. wait for me”. After two minutes Joe returned with a pair of shoes much better than yours. He said you:” I think these can go…” and he launched them to you.
So you take off that kind of shoes you had on and you have wore the shoes the Joe
given you. They were a little big but for that moment they were perfect. Once again you have thanked him and he grunted.”


⇐“I was looking ” -{8}

“You came out” – {10}⇒


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