You still staring

Me in that way, and my heart, slowly, is exploding inside me. 
I must throw away all the air from the lungs. 
I can  feel your eyes on me. You are shyly smiling. Your eyes are piercing my soul, and everything inside me is shaking. Our connection is stronger than usual in these hours. I feeling something would happened, and to the end it’s been so.
We feel  our closiness in that strange way.  And here, my fingers are shaking. Our minds are get connect one another. If i close the eyes and throw away the air, i can feel you perfume sorrounding me, and i feel your sweet embrace behind me and i feel you here in my bedroom. I feel your eyes on me, and slowly you spin me and our eyes meet. Our hearts start to beating strong. Its useless say no, our connection is growing and there something that bonding us in a strong way. 
My tangle in stomach is chocking me from inside. I’m biting my lips, i can’t swallow and i feel your arms embrace me. You would want say me something, i feel it, but you have fear to break this magic… I feel your whispers sorrounding me. Don’t have fear, cause this our magic it will not break away. Our connection goes beyond everything else.
I had wait for a life, a magic like this and i’m living it with you.
You are my magic.


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