“I was looking ” -{8}

For a place to hid myself, amongst that buildings, much similiar between them, and i was looking at all that people walking, who murmuring at my passage and then they giggling. 
understood why they looking at me in that way: i was the witch of the village: i had to be used to be looked at that way. Even in the modern day, i was looked at as a strange girl, but in that century, it was most inquisitorial and even most danger. In my walk, i had my look down on the ground, looking for to don’t meet the glances of the people. 
I lifted my eyes just to look at the redbrick building, and from that moment, my heart has started to beat strong. I stopped myself, for a while and i closed the eyes. A second later i feeling myself taken from a hand and i’ve recognized the voice of the guy who has rescued me few hours ago: i recognized John, the only other person that i had known in that village.
Shyly, he asked me: “How are you, today?…would you come with me…” I have stared him, i knew that he didn’t have finished the phrase, and i did it for him:”In a place where we can chat…” He didn’t seemed surprised about what was as soon happened, on the contrary, he said me:”I don’t know how do you that,  everytime….” I have smiled him and in a whisper i said him:”Lead me on” and with my slow walk i followed him inside a big tavern. The only tavern of the village, i had supposed, while we were  entering.
The walls were carpeted in green. Wooden boards, placed in the middle of the building to keep the roof and embalmed heads of some animals were on the walls to make see that there there were great hunters. Looked at all that, John and me sat down at a big circular table, in front of that embalmed heads, and John has ordered two big glass of cider.
As soon the two glasses arrived, i drank a sip, and  that, i was swallowing reminded me that sort of thea that Katherine has tried to given me. I tried to drink another sips, but i wasn’t able to. I didn’t like it. 
I smiled to John and he understood, that the cider it wasn’t made for me.  He stared the glass, for a while, then he looked at me and after a  moment of silence, he asked me directly:”What did you have seen, when you was in trance?”  I remained to look at him for a second. Maybe i should have seen something particular: i don’t know, and simply i have said him:” I didn’t see nothing, but i felt something: a sensation that i know from long time. Therese was about to ask to the Runes…. but this time i said no. This time it something personal… i feel it and it hasn’t nothing to do with the village” I stopped and in John’s eyes i could see that perplessity that i have could feel when he has brought me to his house the previous day. I would wanted say him everything, but i was sure, he would fallen in confusion, but i said him:” You will understand that, when it will happens” and with that enigmatic phrase, he drank his last sips of cider, and he got up. He left me with a smile there, alone at that big table.
In the middle of  the noises of the tavern, i isolated me, and i returned foward in time, when you entered in the Philip bar and for the very first time we had shared the glance and in a sigh i whispered your name, while my heart has started to beat strong.
In someway, i knew that you have feel me.”


⇐“You was” – {7}

“You was as soon” – {9}⇒

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