“You was” – {7}

Entering in the village, looking at yourself around and more you was entering, something inside you, it was saying you that you had choose the right path. 
That village, had something of familiar, but you didn’t know what it could be.
The sun was drying the muddy ground, and now you was about reach the Joe’s Inn: the building with the red brick in the in the middle of Main Street. 
Main Street was the only street of the village and it was linking all the houses. Only three or four houses weren’t on the principal street, and you have immediately noticed the last house of the village, at the bottom of the street, just a little distant from the other buildings. It was the only with some green around. There were alleys, but they didnt’ bring to nowhere. 
While you was accrossing Main Street, the inhabitants were looking at you: they looking at, how reduced, you were. Your shirt was spotted of mud, by now, your shoes were shattering at each step you was made, but you you didn’t care: you wanted just to enter in the Joe’s inn, to book a room and lay yourself in a real bed and maybe to sleep for a week, but the tought of me, it was hammering your head: was i in safe? You had still my moans in your ears that were enveloping you, but immediately after, it was came my scream of when that big force has divided us, and right after, you awakening from that muffled feeling, and your heart was starting again to beat strong. 
Your thoughts has enveloped you for a long minute, while you stopped in the middle on a kind of sidewalk and the people colliding you. 
The last person who collided you, was a giant and he has grunted you:” Hey! You want a fight!?” You putted yourself in a side of sidewalk, for let him pass without say nothing and you have continued to walk till the redbrick building.
Finally you was in front of the place you would could rest and take off those dresses that were became so hard that you have would could cut them with a knife.
You threw away the air from the lungs and you came in. 
The entrance was in front of a stair that brought upstairs, the counter was placed, just under the stairs, and the man behind the counter, wasn’t  at all a gentleman: on his face were many scars and his skin was signed by the age. He had to be Joe, the owner. He wore a linen apron. 
He grunted with a hoarse voice: “I bet… you want book a room?” and without await for your reply, he turned himself for take a key and he placed it on the counter adding: “If you want make a warm bath….” – you shyly have nodded – “I must heat up the water and i can come within 20 minutes” 
You smiled him and thanked him. 
Slowly, you taken the key and you went up. You have acrossed the wood aisle and in front of the door with a bronze plate with the number 6 on, you held back the breathe and you entering.
It seemed you had acrossed the whole planet. In someway, it was so. We had made it together in that twirl, in which, we were fallen, making love. 
We had acrossed the whole planet going back in time.
And now, little by little, we were discovering our real roots.”


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