You was

Next to me, when i open the eyes and you have embraced my belly and i heard you whisper my name and everything inside me has thrilled me.  Now our connection is starting again. You are come behind me and you are tightening me against your back, and i feel your arms around me. 
This our connection is becoming more magic than usual and everything around us are bring us in Our Parallel World. Our magic stones, the sounds our electric shocks and above all our strong emotions are enveloping us and our little shy smiles, and despite we aren’ able to see eachother, we can feel see us trough our souls.
Our hearts are starting to beat strong and are beating at unison. 
We can feel our breathes merging one in one another.
My head is exploding and i feel your closiness stronger than ever. 
My name is resounding in your head and you are sighing it in a low tone, as if you want keep it inside you.
I throw away the air from the lungs and i know you are doing the same. Our electric shocks increasing always faster. I must close the eyes and i feel your arms tightening me against you. You are saying me something: i feel it. My head is spinning hard in these instants.
I biting my lips and my fingers are shaking on this keyboard. I must close the eyes for a moment. Tight me strong.
Slowly your lips leans on mine. 
You are here.


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