What i’m feeling

From yesterday it’s a big sensation and your eyes on me paralize me. 
Yesterday it has been like i had whispered my name to you and you had felt the vibes inside and everything around us was float. 
By now, it’s like we know eachother. I knew you have would replied in that way.
Slowly you are embracing me from behind and i can feel your arms around my belly and your breathe is merging with mine and delicately we go inside Our Parallel World, where nobody can’t touch us.
My heart beat like a crazy and now our electric shocks are increasing, we can  feel them sorrounding us. We are inside a twirl. You know me, i know you. Our connection is here and it’s growing always more and that making us feel always closer, and we feel it only us, and it isn’t explicable to anyone. 
Each time we throw away air from the lungs, we approach eachother always more: we feel it.


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