“In my little” – {6}

Room, my heart has began to beat hard. Slowly i got up and i went to the window behind the bed and i looked out. I have whispered your name and like a blow a soft  wind has caressed my face and i throw away the air from the lungs. In someways i knew, we were approaching us.
Out from the window i couldn’t see anything that it could given me a sign of you.
Despite it was day, in my room,  the light  had difficulties to enter and the fornitures didn’t help to brighten the long and narrow room. The only thing that was indicating me that it was day, were the big leafs that i seeing out of the window.
The previous evening, i went in that room in prey of a sort of melancholy that i didn’t realized where one of that woman has brought me. That women: Katherine and Therese.That room was the exact opposite of the room above the bar of Phillip. Dark and narrow with just the neccessary things: a bed, a little table with a candle and a small cupboard. 
I went down, with that sensation of your closiness in my heart. Went downstairs  i could hear the new noises to which i would have had to get used to. In a low tone, the two women were chatting moving themselves in that it seemed a big kitchen with a big fireplace on. 
I entered making less noise possible, but Therese noticed me and she asked me:”How do you feel, my dear?”  while Katherine was smiling me making me sit on one of  three chairs that were sorrounding the table, caressing me the hair.
Shyly i asked: “What happened…?”  – i didn’t know how to continue so i stopped me, but it seemed that it was the usual question when me, the witch, fallen in ”trance”. “It is about to happen something” replied me Therese and Katherine added: “And you have felt it.” 
I held back the breathe and my thought went directly to you and i have whisper you name, making it die in the bud. My head was spinning hard and i threw back on the backrest of the chair closing the eyes for a second. Katherine has given me a cup of thea, but it wasn’t thea at all, while Therese has pulled out from a little leather bag  twenty four little circle woods: they were my beloved Runes. Something was chocking me inside and i have said, almost awarness of what Therese was about to do: “This time i don’t want do it”. They looked at me stunned and in choir they asked: “Why? You know it’s for good for the entire village. We know, since you have discovered your powers, the village has always been protected”.
Unconsciously, they were telling me something about the witch, who was inside me. 
I have replied them :”This tme i don’t want to do that! NO!” Even  because i really didn’t know what i should have to do. So i got up and  i left the house. I walked toward the village and i looked for some place where i could hid myself in the middle of people.”


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