“The rays” -{5}

Of the sun, were acrossing the branches of the big tree, and finally something of warm it was heating up you. 
Slowly you have opened the eyes and you was realizing where you was. Instinctly, you have whisper my name, hoping that all this was only a dream, but immediately after you have take a look around and you have realized that everything it was real. Also the dresses you had on. They were become hard as cardboard and your shoes weren’t no more a pair of shoes. They were all one with the dry mud. You looked for to clean them, but by now, they were good just to arrive to the village, where you hoping to find a shoemarker. 
Still on the ground, under the tree, you have look at the valley that it was in front of you and you have taken a deep breathe and you got up and you have taken again the branch and, with a new force, you have started the walk. The mud on your shirt slowly was drying and little by little fallen as bunch of sand, and the shirt was become again, almost a decent shirt, even if when you was arrived to the village, for sure, you have would changed it, with that one you had find in the bag.
The village was the only one in that big valley, sorrounded by a river, hills and montains. While you was going down, you was admiring that scenario and you was stunned about how much beauty, we had spoiled going ahead in the centuries. 
Even, you had understood what which was happened to us, just as soon few seconds earlier.
You was going down in the valley, while the sun was making you feel its warmth on your body. It was  like a warm hug. You stopped for a while and you have closed the eyes, inhaling a deep breath and then you have thrown away the air from the lungs. Slowly you have reopen the eyes and now the village seemed closer. You was approaching, while your heart had started to beat a little faster. It seemed, that someone was chasing you, but you have looked at around you and there was no anybody or anything that it could given you that sensation. It came from inside you, and you knew well that sensation. It was our connection. Our electric shocks were starting again. We were close. You have taken again a deep breathe and slowly you have started once again the walk. 
You have would like to run but your shoes were to the limit. A soft wind was caressing your face and you have imagined it were my hands and more you was approaching to the village that sensation was growing inside you.
Arrived to the borderline of the village you was stopped yourself and you taken a look.
An inhabitant has seen you and he said you: “Bad night, uh?!” – “I come from far” you said, and then you added: “Is there a place where i can book a room? And maybe take a shower?”
The man nodded and he said you: “Yes, sure!  The Joe’s Inn… that red brick building in the middle of Main Street…” and he went away without await, not even, that you had thank him.
While you was about to enter in the village, i was still asleep, but as soon you have acrossed the bordeline, i have opened the eyes and my heart has started to beat so hard and i whispered your name and sweetly i started to caressing my belly in rembembrance of your delicate touch 
Our souls were touched themselves after a period that seemed was be lasted an eternity.”


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