My vise in the stomach

Is chocking me since i was awaken and from i seen you this morning my head is spinning like a spinning top and your closiness is stronger than ever.
In someways, i know, we are in Our Parallel World and this sensations is chocking even you. I feel it and our electric shocks are in continuos communication. I feel your hands are enveloping me in your embrace. You are say me something, i feel it, but i can’t decipher, only the souls does. My tangle in the stomach is growing. 
We are smiling together. We feel it and we know the reason. 
I biting my lips and i’m blushing and my heart is exploding in thousands and thosands of pieces. You are collecting them and you keep them in you hand. I can feel your sighes. I sigh too. We know the reason and we don’t say nothing. Let the emotions slowly sorround us and and we let they make us approach. 
Our heads are spinning. 
It enough we close the eyes and we can feel our perfume around us. 
Our souls are speaking and our hearts are beating hard at unison.
We await for.


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