“In that house” -{4}

I was feeling so uncomfortable. I wanted run away, but in someways, something it saying me that it was better that i would have await those women, maybe they have would explain me what was happened, but that, slowly i was understanding it alone. The circle it was completing itself. 
I remained on that wood chair, wandering with the gaze the enviroment: it was a little house with two big rooms on the groundfloor and a stairs that taken to the second floor, most likely, at the bedrooms.
I was sat on that chair and in front of me there was simple wood table in the middle and two fireplaces one in front of the other, but that one at my right it was used as woodshed and in the bottom of the room a window front to the window behind me. Leaned to the wall of the window next to me another little wood table with some bowls with some burnt herbs.
The rain tapped the glass and some screams outside, has made me beat hard the heart. 
Then, the absolute silence.  Only the rain.
I was dive in my thoughts and my heart didn’t know how to beat. Certain moments it was beating slow and others so fast that i thought it squirt ouf of my body. 
The only thought it could got calm me that was you. I missed you terribly, but i had know that we had to go over again the path of the dancing souls from the begin, and now i’ wasn’t no more Daria, but Daria the Witch and you, Luke the wayfarer.
I was dive in my thoughts, in my reasoning, that i didn’t have realized the John returned with both the women: Therese and Katherine.
“Girl, you fallen in trance again…. are you ok?” The two women kneeled in front of me and from what which i understood, that one who has spoken to me was been Katerine. I nodded, and i was staring John who was looking at me, a little worry. Katherine got up and she took my hand and slowly i got up too. Therese thanked again John and then i left that house with them. I didnt’ say nothing to John, but he had understood something that was going wrong, but even him, he didn’t say nothing. 
During the return at “house” i didn’t spoken at all. My heart was screaming your name with all its force. I hoped you could hear me. We have had to across all the village. The house of the two women, was the last a bit outside.
When we arrived, a fireplace on, it waiting for us. Therese given me a blanket and said me to sit down in front of the fire to dry me and she would go to take new dress. While  Katherine was preparing something of warm to drink.
While i was still thinking to you. That evening i wouldn’t spoken and i would go to bed in silence.”


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