By now

I should be used to don’t surprise me, but each time it happens  i remain breathless and my heart starts to beat so hard. Yesterday i was feeling our electric shocks go fast trought our minds and what which i seen today it convices me always more about our connection is strong and we have something it link us in strong way, despite our distance. 
Now my heart is beating so strong and my fingers are starting to shaking on this keyboard. 
I feel your closiness so strong in these instants.  I can feel your soft embrace. Your arms are enveloping me and i feel your are whispering my name and i feel it. 
My head is exploding and i’m not able to swallow. 
My thought are toward you, and in someway you are thinking a bit to me.
Inside i have a tangle of emotions that is chocking me. I feel your arms are tightening me strong
Slowly you turning me and i remain breathless. I bite my lips and your hands taken mine, and i know where you will place them.  I stare your chest half naked.
Your skin is soft. Your heart beats hard like mine. 
Our minds are connect and we can see us and feel us. 
We are so close, despite we are so far.
You whisper me words that only my soul can hear. 
I’m about to crazy. You are tightening me hard.


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