“You landed”- {3}

In the middle of  a green valley: not even a sign of life sourrounded you. Just hills and montains and a long path in front of you.
Even you were wearing different dress. Your white soft shirt was became a tunic cotton and you had pants even them of cotton and a pair of threadbare shoes, as if you had  walk and walk for days, and your bones were tired but now you hadn’t to rest in that desolate part of nowhere.
Slowly you have started to walk along that path. You didn’t know where you was going to, but in someways, that little voice inside was saying you to go left: there you would have found what you were looking for.
The sky was start to become more cloudy and some thunders make hear themselves from far.
The direction that you have taken at the end it risen on a hill and with some difficulties, you have crossed. 
Arrived on top, you fallen on the ground, to take again breath. You had rest yourself  about half hour or something more. 
You didn’t have realized that you had also a shoulder bag. 
Amongst thunders and lightening you have checked what was inside: a moneybag, a letter and a some few other dresses. Looking at all that stuff, you have whispered my name and, as if saying my name had given you new force, you got up and you have started again your walk.
At a certain point, from the top of the hill,  you stopped. From the sky has begin a electric storm that it has illuminated  what was there under; another great valley, with a little village illuminated by their little lamps, and you have could see also some smoking chimney. 
You have taken a branch to support your walk, and slowly you have started the descent.
That lightening storm slowly was fading and you was arriving in the valley and from far you could see the lights of the village. It seemed that the sky had helps you to see what there was around you, and now that you knew where to go, could unleash itself with the rain and slowly the rain  has started to fall making you get wet.
You fallen on the wet ground several times, that was becoming a a bed of  mud and by now your threadbare shoes were become all in one with the wet ground and your legs were becoming always more two pieces of wood, and you was always more tired and the village was still so far, but it would be remained, there, also if you had decide to rest yourself under that big tree as soon under the big hill that you had as soon descent.
“Still another effort…” you said to yourself and when you reached the tree, you have thrown the branch on the ground followed by your tired body. 
You hoped that the ground around the tree was a bit more dry than the muddy ground you have crossed. You got wrong. But now did was making it difference? …None…
Now  you had to was close the eyes and rest. But earlier to sleep, your thoughts were go to me, and slowly your eyes was close themselves.”


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