When it starts

And i feel my vise in stomach is tightening me, i know our connection is starting and i feel our mind get connect. I biting my lips and i can feel your arms enveloping my belly, and i smile because i know you’re smiling too, and we know the reason. 
Your arms are so sweet around my body and they making me thrill me. You are sweetly caressing me and delicately you spin me. Our eyes meet and we hold back the breathe for one second.  You approach to me, i look down. You take me face and sweetly you whisper my name while your lips are leaning on mine. I remain breathless and slowly i take to breathe again still when your tongue is playing with mine.
And when you break away from me, you shy smile me. My heart stop itself, while your breathe sorround me. 
I caress you sweet face and my finger arrives till your neo and you leave me make it. We sigh together. Our souls are merging one with another and  we looking at eachother so profoundly. 
I bite my lips again and delicatly you approach to me till our face softly touching one with another and we looking at us. You caress my face and my heart explode. 
I whisper you:”Take me to Our Parallel World…”
Our connection is strong in these instants and we can feel it trought our minds, our hearts and trought everything around us.
Despite our distance we feel it and we smile, throwing away all the air from the lungs
That’s how our connection works and that’s wonderful.


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