You are embracing

Me, whispering me:”Do you feel it?”. I close the eyes and i hold back the breathe and i reply in a sigh: “Yes….”. My heart is beating like a crazy and i can feel your is beating at unison with mine. 
I feel your arms are tightening me from behind. My fingers are shaking. Our souls are merging one in another as never they has done. Our connection is one of the strongest since when has begun everything. 
The music isn’t the usual, but it’s like a noise of background. Now i feel our minds get connect in a strong way. The only thing i feel are our hearts beating together, and your hands touching me delicately and your whispers are sorrounding me, taking us in Our Parallel World. 
More we get connect, more our hearts beats strong and my vise in the stomach get bigger and bigger. I have the mouth half open and i can feel your lips are leaning on my mine. And your hands tightening me to your body. Sweetly my hands sliding inside your soft shirt, and sweetly we are enveloping by our strong emotions.
“Yes i feel it” i repeat you touching your face.
We are kissing us sweetly. I can’t hold back some tears….


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