“We didn’t know” – {2}

Who had divided us, but we had know that we weren’t no more in the present. 
Since when we were been together, it was the very first time that we were been divided. That’s scared us alot.  We were in an unknown place and above all, almost immediately, we had realized that we we were in another century, very far from our comfort.
We had acrossed naked this space time, and we hadn’t realized that when that force had break us away,  we were wearing new clothes: adapted for the era in which we were entering.
Me, i found myself on the ground, as if someone had collided me, with a long cotton brown dress and the hair half wet. I got up and noboby seemed had noticed me. Nobody stopped for ask if i was ok. I looked at me around, in someways i was still looking for you. But my search was vain. In anybody i haven’t found you.
I leaned me on a sort  of stall to take again breathe. I thrown away all the air from the lungs, for to understand better in which place i was. 
Little by little, i got calming myself, and little by little, i was realizing the place. A long muddy street with stalls on both side of the streets: it seemed a market with the people who was screaming to actract the inhabitants to buy their products. 
I was alone and in someways, paralyzed. I couldn’t move myself. I have lift my face to the sky: it was cloudy and a light rain was falling. 
I held back the breathe and in a whisper i said your name: “…Luke…”
The owner of the stall, where i leaned myself, was staring me and to the end, he said me, as if he had recognized me:” Go away! You are driving away my potential customers! Go away…..!” 
With my slow walk i putted in the middle of the muddy street and i looked at the sky. Some raindrops were falling on my  face. 
“Luke where are you?” i closed the eyes while i have whispered again your name, and one second later i felt taken from someone who pulled me out from the street. A cart was about to run over me.
“Are you ok?… You still fallen in trance… come with me… you need to sit down”
“You know me?”  i asked to the young boy.
“Yes Daria, …. i’m John…. ” he looked at me as if he knew what to do in these case. He taken me to a little house along the muddy street, and he said me to stay there and he would go and call
“Therese or Katherine” to bring again you at their house.
I was still confused: who were that women? And where was Luke?
I closed again the eyes and i whispered your name.


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“You landed”- {3}⇒

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