“After” – {1}

Reached the orgasm our flows were still running through our bodies and we looked at eachother so profoundly.
You looked at me. My heart beated so hard. I held you tight as if i was falling in a black hole. I putted your hand on my chest and slowly our eletric shocks were increasing. Now make a deep breath wasn’t enough. 
Everything around us was turning so slow and inside we could feel something that was bringing us in another place but above all in another time.
We were swallowed, by a slow spiral and everything around us became dark. The only thing we could feel were our hearts and our breaths got always more fast.
Almost we were feeling choking us.
We were travelling in that black hole without know what really happened.
We were calling us, attempting to hold our hands but above all  to hold our bodies one close another.
In the darkness, i could feel the flaps of your shirt that softly touching my naked body, and without realizing, i took them and right after you approached yourself to me taking me for the hips and for a long minute i could feel your body attached at mine. And your breath enveloped me. I whispered you in a thread of voice: “Where we are going?” You didn’t know what to answer, so you tighted me to your body dressed only in the shirt. 
Very soon, we have seen, like little bright stars. Some Runes were sourrouding us. 
The symbols that  sorrounding us in that slow spiral, were: Fehu, Mannaz, Uruz and Gebo. 
All that Runes had a powerful meaning.
Sweetly you have spin me and our eyes met and sweetly you have started to kiss me and i tighted me to your body and without realizing, you was penetrating me again. Slowly and sweetly we were doing love in that spiral that was making us  turning on ourselves. 
We  were making love, flying toward an unknown don’t well defined place, while that runes were turning around us. 
Little by little, we had seen a little dot of light.
Your white shirt was caressing me my body while you was kissing me gently. Our heart beating at unison, always faster and our moans were a delicate sign that we were about reaching the pleasure and always faster that little dot of light got bigger and bigger, more we could feel a force that was pushing  us inside that misterious entrance.
We were reaching the pleasure, our moaning were become more frequent, but that invisible  force we were break us away one from another, while we entering in that entrance.
“Luuuuuuuuuuuuukeeeeeeeeee!!!” – “Dariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”!!!” were been our last screams we heard, before we were divided.”


“We didn’t know” – {2}⇒

↔And that unbuttoned

⇐“When our gaze” [1]- prologue Our Parallel World

⇐Slowly – aknowledgements

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