Slowly – aknowledgements

I feel our electric shocks communicating and that sensation of loss, it pervades me
I miss loosing me in my fantasy with you. I can still feel your eyes on me in that bar and our souls that touching so sweetly. I can feel your heart beat with mine. Our connection is slow. The electric shocks are far but i can feel them. Now you are looking at me with  an only question:”… and now?”, while i feel your hands tightening my hips. 
You whisper me:” I was so comfortable in our apartment… when i took you in my arms i could feel your fragility and strenght and i seen your beauty…” 
I take your hand and i dive myself in your wonderful eyes and i say you: “That one will be our apartment we will live always there… eachtime you will  want stay with me… we will be, there.”

It’s strange break me away from a place in which i lived each night with myself and with all the emotions enveloped me, and that strange connection that was the common thread that has made me start to write again. And now i don’t want leave it for nothing at world, and i looking for with all my force to develope another story bonded to Our Parallel World novel and prequel, and in my head, i have a draft but i don’t know how start it: i have collected many crumbs during this wonderful journey and in someways, i want make them live.  

Since i was a child i love write: before begin this great adventure, that took me, one year for complete the novel and three months for write the prequel, i always written, but never in other language. Our Parallel World has been my first challenge, but i believe to had face it up with great success and my followers gave me the strenght to goes on despite my english wasn’t and still isn’t perfect

But now i want say THANK the person, without realizing, has gave me the courage to realize all that, and i do in our way: whispering: “Thank you, Luke for everything… i promise you, we will meet soon in other place of Our Parallel World…”


“After” – {1}⇒

“When our gaze” [1]- prologue Our Parallel World

Our flows… [1st part]

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