And that unbuttoned

Shirt what does it make there?? In a fragment of second my heart stopped and i held back the breathe and our connection has begin with their electric shocks and my vise in stomach has grown so fast.
Still my heart is beating hard and since i when i awoken i felt your embrace and i’ve imagined you in this way: you behind me that are embrace me chest against back and the flap of that white shirt that touch me and i close the eyes, holding the breathe, while you slowly and sweetly spin me toward you and my heart explode while i touch your chest, making slide that shirt over the shoulders and you looking at me in silence, while our hearts are beating at unison and your hands taking my face and in a whisper you say: “I knew, you have would noticed…”
Our electric shocks are wandering in our minds, and they making shaking my fingers on this keyboard. 
Slowly i feel you say me: “Close your eyes…” and sweetly your lips touching mine and suddenly we are in our apartment in Our Parallel World.
Delicately you put yourself above me, and the flaps of your shirt touch my hips. 
I hold them tight while you are penetrating me and i start to moan. You are a caress inside me. 
I biting my lips, looking at you that sweetly whispering my name. 
We are… in Our Parallel World. 
Let’s remain so….one inside another…Let’s feel our electric shocks run trough our minds. Let’s kiss us, let’s make a slow love.


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