It’s from

I awaken i feel your presence around me and my vise in stomach is growing faster ad now your eyes are staring me and in feel our connection is growing faster.
Slowly you coming behind me and delicately you are enveloping me in your sweet embrace. 
I can feel your breathe and that’s i really need now. My soul starting shaking and you see it throught my fingers.
Our Parallel World is closer than ever and we know it. Our hearts are beating at unison and despite our distance we are far, we can hear them. 
I holding back the breathe and i can feel your perfume. 
Our connection is growing and our souls are touching. 
My heart is exploding. In someways this glance i know is for me. I throwing away all the air from the lungs. Your glance is piercing me. Slowly i can feel your hands are touching my belly and i close the eyes. My name is resounding. You have whispered it in your mind. I’ve heard it. 
I’m shaking and something inside is chocking me and i can perceive, that you are repeating my name. 
I know that this glance is for me… i throwing away all the air. I can’t hold back all my emotions. They are chocking my throat. I can’t swallow. You are here next to me and i can feel it.
My head is exploding, i can feel our connection growing fast. We are closer than ever in these instants. I need to dive myself again in your soul through your eyes.
Let me whisper your name. Let it touch your heart, let it touch your soul.


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