“In that walk” – [61]

I knew that i was going straight to my destiny and in that slow walk each breathe i making it was a goodby to the world in which i lived and a Hello to the new dimenson in which i was diving with you. Each time i found the possibility, i threw away the air from the lungs to inhale new oxygen to face up an unknown step that i would do with you next to me.
The thunderstorm had left in the air some of his electricity, and now everything around seemed going slow in a fast spiral and sometimes everything seemed stopping itself, like  a picture  as soon shooted, and the  only breathe i could hear it was mine.
The bar was there, but that walk seemed endless, and each step i making, the bar seemed  always more far and the people seemed wandering ghosts with their white shadows that chasing them. 
I collided with a person: i asked “Excuse me” but what i’ve seen in her eyes wasn’t her soul, but just a skull an a bunch of bones, but i knew she didn’t realized of that, and then she has continue her frenetic run.
I had must to stop myself for a moment. I remained breathless. I stopped in the middle long sidewalk, while others person has exceeded me or they were looking for to don’t collide me. I was looking at them and it was the same i saw in that woman: bodies without souls. Just a bunch of bones and a skull. I remained attached  to a lamppost pole to take breathe again.
I wanted reach my safe place as soon as possible. I wanted to meet your sweet smile, your glance and to  feel your whispers but above all to see your soul through your wonderful eyes.
Slowly i threw away the air from the lungs and i started again my slow walk. I wanted escape from this world, aboslutely. 
I looked down to see where i could put better my feets for don’t fall. 
Until now, i didn’t realized that i had still by my side the stray cat. I smiled him and i said him: “Hey you… still here? Let’s go…” During the walk i talked him about you and the place where we were going to: the bar. And the bar was there at the end of the sidewalk, we had to across the begin lateral alley and the bar was there. 
When i reached the building of bar, i stopped myself and with me, the cat. He looked at me. I said him “We arrived…” He seemed had understood and he remained with me. I acrossed the laurel plants and i have taken a look inside, and for the first time i have felt the same sensation of when you looked at inside the bar to check if i was there, at “my table”.  And you was on “your stool”. I have close the eyes for a second and i have thrown away the air from the lungs and i have open the glass door. My furry friend entered jumped on the counter, going directly to you.
Slowly i was entering. I have whispered your name and you spinned. Our glances met.  You have smiled me. Our hearts has starting to beat strong and at unison. 
Philip was still on his iron stool and he didn’t noticed me. 
Too much people that evening inside the bar to across it easily… 
I collided one, two persons and i didn’t fall, but at the third… I fallen…
Just few seconds later one hand has taken mine…

It was your. “


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