“You are entered” – [60]

And you have immediately checked my place, but the table was still empty. There was, not even, sign of the bag on the bench. 
Slowly, you sat on the stool in front of the counter and you was looking for Barb or Phillip to ask informations where i could be. 
That day, the bar was, unusually crowded, and Barb was busy beteween the tables to take the orders, and Phillip was in the a corner thoughtful. 
He was thinking about me. He sat on a iron stool behind the counter, almost in the dark with his greasy apron. He seemed dazed. 
You had to called him twice to taken him again on this planet. 
He looked at you, as if you was a ghost, but he answered you without  that you had made the question:” She doesn’t down from two days…i’m a little worry. Usually she use to warn me, but this time, she didn’t do it …” and he stared the table reserved to me. 
You have looked at him and without to order nothing, Philip put in front of you, the iced glass of beer. But at that time, also for you, to see that table empty, it has put you a little of anxiety.
Your thoughts went to the whisper that you had heard a moment earlier to enter, and slowly every little fear disappeared. You have would know if i ‘ve been in danger. And that whisper it wasn’t a request of help. It was like i had caressed your soul, as in those hours that we had passed spiritually together.
For sure, you have wouldn’t could tell to Phillip what was happened in the latest hours, even if he have told you: “She has bewitched even me…” two evenings earlier.
You have drunk two sips of beer and you have said him: “I’m sure, she is ok…”
Inside you, your heart was to beat like a pneumatic hammer and unconsciously, with Philip, you held back the breathe to each person who entered the bar.
Almost without realizing, Philip has started to talk to you: “Since when, it has started to rain two days ago, something has changed in the air…that thunderstorm….” he left those words suspended while he was looking at you, but instead, he was looking at your silhouette, and those words were only thoughts came out so, aloud. But he didn’t wrong. 
Something was changed, really.
You was looking at him, while thousands and thousands of thoughts about me ran  in your mind and in a sigh you have whispered my name, while you was loose yourself in that yellow liquid that was floating in that glass, in front of you.
Your heart was asking itself: “Where are you?” while another time, the glass door was opening itself, and other people entering.

I thrown away a massive bunch air from the lungs, while i had heard your whisper and your question. I have opened the eyes, and slowly the noises of the quartier has thrown me in their reality.  My heart was starting to beat strong and the electric shocks starting to be more frequent.
I held back the breathe, and slowly i got up. 
The stray cat has lift his little face and he looked at me, and so he has followed me in my slow walk.

I was directing myself toward the bar.”



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