“The sunlight” – [59]

Was illuminating everything, clarifying also the sky, but a light rain was still falling, at the horizon it was being born a pale rainbow.
I sat on that bench and i was looking at straight. I was diving in my thoughts. I was looking at the cement of the street while some people were passing behind me on the sidewalk.
I could heard their presence as if they were been ghosts and their voices were only voices in background that came and go in my head.
I’ve held tight my bag where there was my diary. I wanted to read what i’ve written in these days, but i had fear that the words could escape, and so i closed the eyes and a second later, when i’ve reopened them, that street in front of me, has become my personal, stage, where as in flashbacks, i’ve seen you in every moment we had shared.
Like visions that disappearing in a dry desert, your smile made me beat hard the heart and without realizing, the cars that ran fast has taken away your smiling face, and they have awakening me from this mental state with a clackson. Little by little a traffic jam it formated itself in front of me, but i was still looking at an empty street, and by now, everything this, was became a world to which i did belong no more.
And little by little, i have understood, that the time was arrived. I closed the eyes and i threw away the air from the lungs.
For the last time, unconsciously, from that bench, i was saying goodbye to the world to which i always belonged and perhaps, in which i wouldn’t come back no more.
Few time i went outside in the street in that hours: usually i was already entered in the bar, but that morning, perhaps, for that reason: take a last look at that world, i remained for long on that solitary bench. My heart was filling of something inexplicably strong, and right after my thoughts were toward you.
Everything around me was becoming frenetic, but in someway, inside me, it was so peaceful. Noises and sounds were mixing one with another and the people were become silhouettes who ran everywhere.
A stray cat has come to me, he has jumped on the bench, and he wanted some caresses. At that moment, we seemed the only beings who had found the real peace. Everything around us, was spinning like a spinning top. Lights and shadows were running, and we us firm, in the middle of that spiral in an endless movement.
But suddenly, like in a gap, i have seen you and my heart stopped.
I would liked to called you, but something inside me, has chocked me the throat.
I followed you with the glance, and you was about to approach yourself to the bench where i was sat down, but you didn’t notice me: others people were walking in that sidewalk with you, but when you was passed next the bench, i have have close the eyes, i have could feel your perfume enveloping me and i have whisper your name. You have turned your face toward the point you have heard my voice, but you have had to continue your walk: alot people were walking straight their street, you would have been only an obstacle. So, you have continued to walk.
Your heart was going crazy and you with him. You knew what you had heard.
You stopped for a while in front of the bar. You have looked for to see toward the part you have heard my voice, but you haven’t see nothing. You stopped for a long minute and you have checked inside through the glass door, but you wasn’t able to see me.
Throwing away the air from the lungs, you entered.

I was still, sit on that bench, in the middle of that spiral in movement and for a minute i closed the eyes.
The stray cat was still next to me.”


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