Your soft punch

And my head has exploded. Suddenly you are arrived and you’re started to stared me without say nothing and my vise in the stomach has grown up. 
Slowly you are approaching to me and from behind you are enveloping me with your sweet embrace and i can feel your perfume. 
Your arms are embracing my belly and i can feel your chest against my back. Our bodies are touching and more they are touching, more i feel your perfume inside me. 
My hands are starting to shake. 
I can feel your breath sorrounding me. I close the eyes, my fingers are shaking on this keyboard. Our connection is stronger than ever.
Yesterday i missed it, but today, at this moment is one of the powerful we ever had.
Sweetly you are touching my belly and gently you are turning me. 
Our eyes meet. I remain breathless and slowly, you take my hand and you are making slide it in to your shirt. 
I can hear your whisper:” You, have missed me too”. I look at you, throwing away the air from the lungs. Closing the eyes for a moment, and at that moment i feel your lips on mine.
In a sigh i say your name: ” Luke…” and then you look at me caressing my face you whisper mine.



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