“You came out” – [58]

From the shower, you have taken the big towel and you have arounded it your hips.
Even you had hear my whisper. You have decided that day you have would come to me to present youself, also if, by now, there was no need. We had know eachother.
You putted on board on the bed and you have started to think to everything has happened in those hours. Were those dancing souls really entered in us? As soon you made you that question a light blow has shook you and your heart has started to beating strong.
Without don’t think about it no more, you have dressed you and you went downstair.
You didn’t come out immediately. You was staring that angle where the bunch of pink stones were and you went there. And those three stones seemed were calling you. You have collected them in your hand and slowly you sat down on the couch and you have begun to whisper their names: “Gebo, Raido… Algiz”. It was useless pretend to don’t know their meaning. You had known it very well. You threw back your back on the backrest of the sofa and you have close the eyes, throwing away the air from the lungs.
It seemed you still didn’t wanted to believe to all this and you was, still, looking for the anwser in those pink magic stones. But the answer was already there, in your hands.
An anwser to a question that you was making you from long time. Another question has came out, almost unconsciously from your mouth, almost in a whisper: “Is really she?” looking at them and while you was making you this question, my face, my smile…has enveloped you and you have closed the eyes again inhaling air and in that little natural gesture, in a second, you have relived everything: from the very first glance, to the last whisper you had feel upstairs few minutes ago. And everything was sorrounding you, was a sensation never felt before. My face was in front of you and you could see each shade of my emotions and everything was filling your heart of warmth and your desire to meet me again was growing each minutes passed by.

Everything this was enveloping us from our deep, almost it was chocking us, but we knew that we could to breathe new air and feeling us really free from that chock sensation, only, if we could meet us, smile us, hearing our hearts beat at unison and perhaps to whisper our names and maybe go beyond.

That time arrived. You got up from the sofa with the pink stones in hand. You have looked at them for the last time and with a smile in the face, you have putted them between the others.
In the apartment there was a suspended atmosphere. In those hours, everyting, it was. Also, you was floating in your emotions and in your mind there was only my face and my whispers were making beat strong your heart.
While you was putting the jacket and taken the keys you have took a look at the apartement. 
It seemed that everything was floating.
You have opened the grey door and you have closed it back.
You had to must run away. You was about to going crazy.”


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