“At the horizon” – [57]

The sun was rise up and everything around seemed a surreal scene.
Everything seemed was going slow and the light of the sun seemed to cut to half the street.
The pale light of the sun it was creating strange shadows and that shadows seemed other dancing souls in search of something that they have wouldn’t still found.
We were looking at them and slowly they were going be swallowing by the cement of the street.
When they disappeared we had held back the breath and when we had seen the last shadow be swallowed in that invisible hole in the street, we threw away the air from the lungs.
We remained so, to stare the sun progress up the sky, without think about us, but we could feel our heart beat at unison.
Our chest seemed to explode and everything around us seemed more peaceful. Our little electric shocks made us feel in contact. We were feeling us each minutes passing by, always closer.
In that slow sun progress, i could feel a new reborn for me and in someways i could perceive it was the same for you.
We had known we were feeling the same.
We could feel, a new spiritual born and a new reborn for those dancing souls.
The light breeze was caressing us, and we were firm, there, in front of our windows, and we could feel the air of that morning, like a new life, a new blood, as if we were entering in a new dimension and, everything around us, it was becoming tight and now the next step, was only to take us for hand and go away from that world.
Slowly the sun was rising and everything tooking to live again, but the only two persons who wanted hide from this natural birth of the day, were us.
I closed the window and i’ve pulled down the curtain and i sat in front of the desk with opened diary. I’ve tried to write something, but i wasn’t able to. The street was filling of usual noises i was used to hear. But now the beat of my heart…. of our hearts were covering everything and slowly that noises fading.
You have taken off the pajama pants and you went in the shower.
You have left the warm water fall on your naked body so sweetly, and you have imagined my hands on you.
For a long moment you have close the eyes and you have leans your hands on the wall of the shower. You was thinking about to that new sensation that it was flowing in you.
Your heart was going crazy. It just got calm only after you threw away the air from the lungs and after you have whispered my name.
As soon you have called my name, me in my room, i had a jolt and my heart stopped: your voice has enveloped me and i have close the eyes, holding back the breath.
I would be going crazy, if i didn’t have left the room. I had to return to the normality, but by now, the normality, it was about to become an abstract thing. I went in bathroom and in front of the mirror, unconsciously, i sighed your name.
I washed me, dressed me and so, i left the room.
But this time i didn’t go directly to the Philip’s bar. I have preferred to clarified my mind and take a bit of fresh air.
That one your last your whisper was still buzzing in my head. I threw again away all the air from the lungs when i sat on a bench on a sidewalk. I have close the eyes and right after your sweet smile was rounding me.”


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