As soon

I opened the eyes i have felt being born my vise in the stomach and i have felt your hands hold my belly. Your hand has also lift the shirt and your hand has could touch directly my naked  skin. I realized that and i have closed again the eyes and i could tight you hands around me and our connection is became strong. 
It was long time that it didn’t happen and now they are two days that i’m feeling your closiness so strong and i feel you next to me. I can feel your arms enveloping me in your warm embrace. 
In your deep, i can feel your whisper me: “Don’t leave me”: i don’t will leave you, you have gave me the strenght to goes on and now our connection is growing always more each day is passing by. I’m sure you can feel my heart is beating so strong and i can feel your is baeting at unison with mine. That’s our wonderful connection
I still feel your hands around me that is tightnining my belly and back is against your chest and our eyes meet, while your lips are softly touch my neck and almost my mouth.
You spin me and my heart explode when our glances dive one in another and our breathes envelope us in an unique breathe. I remain speechless to stare you. Really slowly, you are approach to me and what i can do is waiting for… your kiss.


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