“A little rain” – [56]

Has fallen during the night, while we were feeling something was changed inside us. Despite we didn’t know where we lived, it was like we were been together. We had made love and now we could feel us united. Those two souls dancing were been reunited trough us and in someways, their long journey was end, and we could feel their souls had found eachother again.
We were, each one, in our apartments, but we were making us the same questions, and we had known that their souls were our thread union, and we were bonded to them. In our minds there were a tangle questions and answers that were mixing themselves always more.
Me in my room, you in bedroom, we were still lay on matress, and we were taking again a deep breathe, while slowly, really slowly, our hearts got themselves calm.
Closing our eyes, we had whispered our names and a blow a wind, has touched us caressing our skin. Without realizing, we were listening our sighs. Our hearts were going crazy.
Sweetly we fallen asleep reliving all the sensations and feelings we had feeling in those hours.
My mind has remembered the orgasm and my hand, almost unconsciously was holding tight the flap of the bedsheet and the sweetness of your kisses has enveloped me. You have remember the softness of my skin, my fingers crossed with yours and my little moans and our fantastic fusion and the exact moment in which we had felt the two dancing souls entered in us as a soft liquid injected by a syringe and the warmth, right after and our hearts that were swolling in the same time.
The sweet and soft noise of the falling rain was cradling us.
In that little rain, our fusion with the dancing souls was itself completing and more the night went by, more our mental connection was growing.
At the first sun rays of the next day, we have opened the eyes at the same time.
We had though, that we have had sleep for hours: it wasn’t so. But we remained in bed, as if we wanted awoke ourselves from that dream that it was lasting from too much time, but really soon we had realized that we were arriving in front of a door of a new awareness and it had must be open.
In a little whisper i called your name: “… Luke…” and you had heard me and you have called me back: “…Daria…”. When i have listened your voice, i have tighted the flap of the bedsheet and my heart has started to beat like a crazy, jumping in the throat, my breathe got shorter and shorter. I wanted to run away but i was in my room, where i should have run away?
Slowly i got up and i have open the little window. The air was a bit cold and it was still was raining, but that fresh air it was the thing of which i really need at that moment.
The quartier was still sleeping: no cars, no clackson, nobody on the sidewalk.
It seemed an empty quartier, where the only inhabitants were us.
Even the bar was still closed.
You got up yourself too and even you came in front of your window and in the middle of the breeze we could feel our breaths that touching our bodies like caresses.
At the same time we had close the eyes, and we threw away the air from the lungs, while the soft rain was washing everything.


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